Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today Was You

Today Was You

Today the world was full of you
and there was no escape.
When even the wind and the rain speak of you
like everything happened today,
I find myself living a dream that always ends
halfway through and leaves me wanting more.

Today I saw your name on someone else’s last name
and felt like someone erased half of who you are.
When I heard that song you always love
I turned it up and sang along
just so I could pretend it was your voice
I could hear above the sounds of the world,
like the voice of angels singing softly behind the wrongs of us all.

Today I felt you near
in the soft pillow on my face when I awoke
and meant to stay there all day long.
When you moved to the picture on the wall
and then to sound of my phoneI followed and felt disappointed
when your voice didn’t connect
at the other end.

Today I saw your face,
but when she turned her head
you had already disappeared.
When I tried to find you again
among the crowds I got lost
and didn’t want to find my way again.

Today I heard your voice
but I’m still waiting for it to say
what I wanted to hear.
When you found my ear
my mouth got in the way
and found its way into your heart
where it only seemed to curse my own.

So now I remain full of you
like the clouds that want to rain
and the desert that wants it to fall.
But the storm in my heart
only seems to block out the sun
and hide my view of the world I know,
so beautiful because it is so full of you.

Still I find ways to feel so empty
in a world so full of you.
When I give my best try
and find it one try too many,
or that it remains that,
just a try.

Last of all I am left with nothing
left to give that you will take.
Yet…when my day is filled with you
it becomes a day lived
and loved.


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