Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Front Porch

My Front Porch

My refuge is my front porch.
There I can sit alone.
I can sit in the dark or in the light, however I choose.
There I can watch everything and nothing all at once.
No one stops to ask me for anything.
No one stops to drown me in their news or complaints of life.
My guitar sits in my lap and lets me play it as I wish, or at least as I can.
I sing and know that no one cares what I’m singing, so neither do I.
On the porch, I can think about whatever I want without interruption.
There I can daydream and know it’s ok.
Most of all, on the porch, I can find refuge from my loneliness.
I can feel like I am a part of the world as I sit and watch it pass me by.
I can feel like I am not alone.
Although all the while, I drown in irony, for I am alone and wish I weren’t.


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