Saturday, July 16, 2005

Used To

Used To

That song I used to play

over and over,

almost a broken record,

is now only a broken heart,

played over and over.

That place on the lake

where we used to sit and dance

to music that we played

and smiled like it were the first

time we had heard it,

and that it was written just for us,

now feels like it was.

That smell I got used to,

some of your own,

that comes from who you are,

and some that I gave you,

for your birthday just so I could have,

one more way to remember you,

now reminds me of you still.

That inside joke we used to have,

that bound us in laughter,

and helped us be alone

even when we weren’t,

now remains silent,

and me,…alone.


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