Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Way that You Move

The Way That you Move

When the morning opens wide
and the sun is falling
into the sky…
When the blackness turns to blue
and the windows warm my bed,
I remember you

and the stars in your eyes
begin to shine through.

When the day in blowing by
and the sands that watch us try
to catch it all…
When the clouds begin to lose
the shadows that they pull
because they want it all,
I remember you.

When the time is settling in
at the bottom of the earth,
I close my eyes…
When the world outside is slow
my heart is racing on,
cause I remember you.

When the morning slips away
and the wind has gone to sleep,
I can feel you near…
When the darkness takes me in
and holds me in a dream,
that brings you near…

And the way that you move
and the way that you look
to me,
makes me feel so alive
and it stays deep inside
of me,
cause I remember you.
I remember you.


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