Saturday, July 16, 2005



If I could choose
Would I stand in the wind
With my face into its breath
And my heart against its voice?

What does the wind have
To make me seek it out?

Does it speak some peace
Or secret comfort
I cannot find in calm?

Does it bring an air
Of remembrance
Where I can hold to what once was?

Does it fill me
With hope and promise
That I do not reach without?

Does it hold me up
Against the stumbling
As I step forward once again?

Does it blow away
The sweat and pain
Of trial and error?

Does it strengthen me
As I go against
The current that it holds?

I rise to heights
And find the level plain.
I can’t hold it, shape it, control it
In any way.
I can’t stop it, slow it, break it,
Or escape it.

Yet I seek it out.


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