Friday, August 05, 2005

Let it Out

I’m overcome by the river flowing over me,
This white water pushing me down
Till I can’t breathe.

Please let it out
But how?
I can’t put breathe to the words I feel
And can’t put water to the tears I cry
So please just let it go
Don’t push it back inside
It only wells up like a damn to break
And flood the valley of sorrow
Drowning me.

I stand with my back to the stream down
And my face to the stream up
While still hanging down inside
My head looks to the air above
Without feeling any air inside my lungs.

Gasping inside but tied up on the outside
By my grasping hands and open arms.
My hair stays in my skin
And even my skin tightens
And chokes my ability to tear it.

Oh please turn me inside out
So that I might be free of this prison,
The depths of loneliness.


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